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Fenix 3 HR

After a few months with troublesome syncing cycling activity from Fitbit to Strava, I just replaced it with new Fenix 3 HR which compare to the old one is kind of upgrade from Nokie 3310 to an iPhone. This is a few days early experiences note for comparing later.

I started choosing a new watch after few months with a few requirements that it needs to reach, the most important is Heartrate monitor like my old Fitbit Charge HR. The other thing that made me choose this watch is the appearance of the watch, this might be subjective and depend on people but I will wearing this whole day so Fitbit Blaze and Fitbit Surge is nothing I will go. The next one is GPS. This is actually an optional because with the old Fitbit charge I'm fine with the phone GPS. It just help me don't need to pickup a phone and start the activity two places.

So all the requirements above come down to the one and it just arrived last week, here are the feed back after 5 and a half days used

PS. Here are my decision chart

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