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Cloud services for my personal projects in 2023

Cloud services I use for my projects are getting more in number recently with distributed tracing and Redis that just added to my list. I start to forget what are the services I am using now.

Most of the services I use are mostly Serverless, basically no fixed cost monthly and only pay for what you use e.g. by storage size, compute time or bandwidth. Only exception is Vercel which at some point I probably need to pay for team plan but at that point I might move out from Vercel too because it's quite steep jump from 0 to $20 a month. If it's $5 I probably pay it right now but still, there are so many options for function as a service too with less limitations compared to Vercel too.

Services #

Total costs #

Total cost per month for ActivityPub service I run is below $1 currently, because most of the services are free (except the Cloudfront which is shared. So I don't use add that cost for now but it's also quite low and some optimisation that cut the traffic out of Vercel) and I still happy with it. For hobby project, using pay as you use is always cheaper but with more traffic this might not be the case and need a different calculation. Hopefully, it still in manageable level later.

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