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It seems this year is super fast for me like my life is pressing fast forward all the time from beginning of the year to the end.

  • Beginning of the year, start with learn cycling. Yes I can't cycle until this year and after learn it in April, I cycle to work almost everyday
  • Travel to far far away place. Paris, The first city outside south east asia which feel like Singapore at the time I went. It's super hot (40 degrees celcius! that's like living in Bangkok!), crowded with tourist, a lot of architecture and have a city bicycle all the place!
  • Watch football game in the stadium!
  • Attended 2 conferences! I thought it would not be tiring but it's super tired after the event everyday I joined.
  • Turn 30! and it's the first time that I don't have 3 years goal. Actually I don't even have a long term goal. Somehow it's suddenly floating away and don't have a clear image what I want to do. Is this because I'm getting old?

So this is not a bad year, many things new. It just tiring for me. Next year I hope many things will slow down? but more important thing now maybe is finding a goal.

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