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Lasik #

Around March 2021, a few of my friends did Lasik and made me consider doing it. I have myopia or short sight with my left eye a bit better than my right eye, and I wear glasses since elementary school. Glasses are fine when working or not playing any sports, but when going outside or playing any sports, my face gets oily easily, and it gets loose most of the time. When I start cycling, this problem is getting worse, especially after finished for few hours, and my body still produces a lot of sweat.

I decided to do it after research for a few clinics. The Lasik cost is not too high and comparable to a clinic in Bangkok. The procedure is fast, and not many problems after, except dry eyes and halo, which I already have those issues.

In a few days after, I decided. I opened a selected clinic website, filled the form online, got the scheduled call, checked eyes to see what operation is suitable to do, and then scheduled the surgery date and then check up after. This journey is to record all the cost, checkup, medications and problems I got after and before.

Content #

Timeline #

Cost #

I do lasik at Asia Pacific Eye Clinic as of now 4 April 2021, the cost of pre-operative lasik check up is still S$5.00 (+GST.) Below are total cost summary with detail.

First eye check up #

Subtotal: S$40.13

Lasik surgery day #

Subtotal: S$3709.69

Second check up after surgery #

Subtotal: S$104.11

Third check up #

Subtotal: S$88.81

Forth check up #

Subtotal: S$147.66

Fifth check up #

Subtotal: S$124.12

Total Lasik cost + Consultation: S$4090.40

Eye drops #

Subtotal: $235.20

Total: S$4325.60

Medications #

List of eye drops and medications I got and buy myself after, including usage

Problems #

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